In Bowling Green, Patti and I visited the National Corvette Museum, right across the road from the plant where all Corvettes are built.  Despite living in Bowling Green for many years, she'd never been there before.

This is the original Corvette, the 1953 model They have a current model, 2002 in this case, that visitors can sit in. This incredible room is one of the main exhibit rooms in the museum.  They have race cars, concepts cars, and so forth on exhibit here.

In Dayton, I spent all of Sunday afternoon and Monday morning at the Air Force Museum.  I took about 250 pictures, far too many to try to show here, but I'll put in a few.


This B-36 is the first thing you see when you go into the WW-II hall.  This was a very hard picture to take -- the lighting is awful, and you can't get back far enough.  This image is 2 separate shots heavily exposure adjusted in the computer and then composited together.   This is a Waco CG-3 glider.  My Dad was trained in these before he had jump training during WW-II.  Probably a good thing, too, since these were not that successful in actual use.


This is the only remaining YF-12A, the interceptor (fighter) version of the famous Blackbird spy plane.  Again, this was a very hard shot to get.  I had to merge 3 images and then remove parts of other planes that were in the foreground.   This is a D-21 spy drone.  These were intended to be launched from the back of a Blackbird flying at Mach 3.2, and then fly an unmanned spy mission.  There were 3 successful test launches from a Blackbird.  The 4th test launch resulted in the drone crashing into the mother ship, with the loss of both aircraft and one of the two crewmen.

The YF-12A is in the background.