New York City and the USS Intrepid

On Columbus Day, October 14, I drove into New York for the very first time.  I'd been in the city before, but always rode the train or bus, or rode with someone else.  I visited the USS Intrepid museum, a WW-II aircraft carrier that was upgraded and used in active service with the Navy until 1972.  The ship is now docked in the Hudson River, and serves as a museum.

Again, I took far more pictures than I can show here, but I can include a selection.

This is the Intrepid, as seen from the adjacent dock. One of the planes on exhibit is this Blackbird spy plane.  Of course, it couldn't  actually operate off the deck of a carrier. This particular Blackbird is an A-12.  The A-12 was the first of the Blackbird family, designed and built for and operated by the CIA, and different from the Air Force's later SR-71.

From the deck of the Intrepid you can see what it again New York's tallest building, the Empire State Building. These ferries are commuter runs between New Jersey and New York. These are some high rise buildings on the Jersey side of the Hudson.  The weather this day was beautiful, and I was amazed at how blue the river was.

  This is a small memorial to the World Trade Center victims.  It is made from materials that were once part of the Twin Towers.