In Early June Mary Ann and I visited Gettysburg for a weekend, mainly to tour the battlefield.† We got one afternoon in touring the battlefield, but got rained out on our second day

his monument marks the spot where Union General Reynolds was shot by a Confederate sniper.

he steeple of the Lutheran Theological Seminary on Seminary Ridge.


One of the monuments, Photoshopped to appear as if it is sunset.

Stone  barn near the Reynolds monument

Monument to the 11th Mississippi

A battery of Confederate guns

North Carolina Monument

Virginia Monument

General Sykes on Little Round Top

Monument for the 20th Maine, the extreme left end of the Federal lines on Little Round Top

Looking down from Little Round Top toward the Devilís Den

The Devilís Den

A chipmunk on Little Round Top

Flowers growing in a rock on Little Round Top

On our second day, since it was raining, we visited the Boydís Bears store, the largest teddy bear store in the world.

A mess of bears in the trunk of a car

Civil War bears