COHS 2004 - Trip

The COHS conference ran from Wednesday evening through Sunday morning.  Most of the day Thursday was devoted to a "field trip" to visit a number of former C&O stations on the old Hocking Valley, and for a trip on the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway.

A number of people brought models, and I have some pictures of them here.

Canal Winchester station

Canal Winchester

The levers used to operate the train order signals

The linkage outside to the train order signals

C&O Caboose 3204, on display at Canal Winchester

The Carroll depot, now located at the county fairgrounds in Lancaster

The station master's office in the Carroll depot

ex-C&O GP-7 5833 on the HVSR

ex-C&O caboose 90204 on the HVSR

Who Says Diesels Don't Smoke?

The HVSR starts a photo runby

The runby, once it got closer

HVSR 7318

HVSR 4005

HVSR Whitcomb diesel

Our trip on the HVSR also included access to their shop, where they are restoring an 0-6-0 steam locomotive.  This is the tender and cab.

Boiler and driving wheels

Boiler from the front