A few pictures of my birds, Peach Face Conure Pumpkin and Cherry Head Conure Buddy.  Sadly, my lovebird Peachie died in October and my parakeet Scottie died in April, both of old age, I think.

 Pumpkin, my Peach Front Conure Buddy, my Cherry Head Conure

This is Pumpkin, sitting in one of his favorite places, the corner of the couch

Mary Ann comes over frequently, and Buddy likes to sleep with her.

Right after bath time!

A new toy!

Buddy stealing some of my morning tea.
And now some blueberry pie. Yum!

Mary Ann brings her cockatiels over about once a month.  This is Pumpkin and Patches.

Smokey, sleeping on my foot!

Patches and Daisy think they've found a new play place.  (I don't think so, though)