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MIG 21

Thunderbirds F-100



YF-12A Blackbird

My goal with all of these pictures is to illustrate clearly the subject airplane.  Sometimes, this requires that the picture be "worked on" after it is taken.

All of these pictures have been "doctored" in some way or another, as follows:

B-47  This is a scan of a 1975 slide that was very badly faded.  It took a lot of careful work adjusting the exposure of various parts of the picture to recover a usable image.  This is what the original slide looks like.


MIG 21  The background in this shot was quite cluttered.  As an experiment, I tried removing the clutter and leaving a realistic looking background.  I think that the result is quite good.


Thunderbird F-100  In this case, there was a piece of wing from another plane covering part of the nose and landing gear.  I removed that wing and then filled in the missing parts of the subject airplane, copying parts from elsewhere on the plane and, in the case of the landing gear, from another shot.  Like the MIG, I also removed the background clutter.


X-15-A2  Like the Thunderbird, there was a wing from another airplane in the way that got cleaned out.


X-3  There was a sort of portable stairs to let people look into the cockpit that I removed.


XB-70  This is another old slide.  In this case, it had faded, but not nearly as much as the B-47.  The big problem was that the sky had turned a gray-green, so that had to be fixed.


YF-12A  This was an interesting problem.  I couldn't get far enough away to get the entire plane into one shot, so I had to take three pictures and then combine them in the computer to get the whole plane in.  There was also a couple of minor obstructions that had to be removed and some background clutter, particularly under the nose of the Blackbird.