Loony Loggers

These creatures were inspired by Sam Berliner's Berlinerwerke Apocrypha page, which contains, among other things, drawings for a V-8 Heisler, a Straight-8 Shay, a couple of different 13 truck shays, a sort of a "push me pull you" Climax, and a 6 cylinder Climax that is too awful to describe.

First, Ely-Thomas #13, the world's only Twin-Vee-Twin Climax

Next, Cass #6, a 4 truck, V-4 Heisler

Next, WM #5 (formerly of Cass and the C&O), a V-6 Shay

But I think that it might need some more wheels for better traction

And finally, what if Lima had joined forces with Beyer-Peacock?

This actually inspired Paul Templar to build an excellent model for his Coon Creek and Tumbleweed Springs railroad