Ingalls Shipbuilding Model 4S

At the end of WW II, the Ingalls Shipbuilding company in Mississippi tried to enter the diesel locomotive market.  They cataloged a number of different models, and built one demonstrator.  Sadly for them, no one was interested, and they finally sold the demonstrator to the GM&O and left the business to return to shipbuilding.

For some inscrutable reason, my friend Frank is fascinated by this weird locomotive, and I have made several pictures for him.

I wasn't particularly happy with this attempt at coloring a b&w photo, so I scrounged around on the web and found a color original to work from, with much better results

Veering away from the C&O, I've also done a couple of Ingalls painted and lettered for Frank's Chesapeake and Iron Range Railroad

And this sort-of SD equivalent