C&O Streamliners

The C&O streamlined L-1 Hudsons were originally painted orange, but rather quickly were repainted yellow, which is what you see in most color pictures.  I was curious what the orange looked like, and when I found a color picture of one of the C&O turbines to give me a color reference, it didn't take very long to go from this

to this

Like many, I feel that this definitely looks better.  I also wondered what these engines might have looked like if they had lasted into the tri-color era:

This is not an improvement, in my opinion.

I also knew that the J-3a Greenbriers were originally ordered with streamlining, but that was canceled before they were delivered.  Again, I wondered what they might have looked like:

Obviously, this picture was taken after they had been bumped from the passenger trains into freight service.  Again, what if these engines had lasted into the tri-color era?

In the late '40s, Allegheny #1642 exploded.  What if, when they rebuilt it, they decided to streamline it too: