The Eerie Multiplex
and other designs of the famous

Sam Berliner designed this beast, and then challenged me to make a photo of it.  This is the result:

The wheel arrangement is a preposterous 2-4-6-8-10-12.  The stack on the back of the tender indicates that the 12 wheel trailing truck is powered by a steam turbine booster.

Just to show that this beast was in fact a success, here is a picture of it out on the road:

It seems that the Eerie wasn't the only road to experiment with the Multiplex, as the PRR also experimented with this type of locomotive, and were quite pleased with it.

And not surprisingly, the VGN also decided to sample this type:


Another design of the Berlinerwerke was a tremendous experimental 4-14-6 freight locomotive for the C&O.  Despite its merits, the C&O declined to purchase any copies.

Continuing to pursue the 4-14-6 wheel arrangement, the Berlinerwerke next designed the famous Doppleganger locomotive, with twin tandem pistons on each side.  The first example was built for the PRR.

This locomotive was a success, and plans were prepared for a modernized version

But dieselization struck the PRR before it could be put into service.

Then there was the fabulous 2-10-10-6 Super Selkirk designed for the Canadian Pacific, streamlined no less


You can learn more of the history of this unique locomotive on Sam's web site, at