Berlinerwerke Diesels

Sam Berliner has designed a number of unique diesel locomotives based on EMD designs, primarily cowl units.  Inspired by them, I created these pictures, some of my own designs and some of Sam's.

This is my own design, the DDDD-40X, a full cowl unit with 4 16 cylinder 645 engines in it, putting out a total horsepower of about 13,000.


The FP-55 (also known as the DDP-55).  A 5000 HP passenger unit sporting a V-24 645 engine.


The F-55 (a.k.a. DD-55), a freight only version


The C&O also bought the DD-55, and eventually they made their way onto the CSX roster.


The TDP-45, a 9000 HP passenger locomotive sporting 3 645 V-16 engines.


A GM E-65 6500 HP electric locomotive in passenger service on the Pennsylvania Railroad. 
This one is my own design, Sam hates it. 


You can find out more about these unique locomotives, and others like them, on Sam's web site