Grissom Aerospace Museum

The Grissom Aerospace Museum is located just outside of Peru IN.  It was closed the day I was there, but fortunately I was able to see and photograph the aircraft collection by looking over and through the fence.

A B-47 Stratojet

B-17 Flying Fortress

An A-10 Thunderbold II, also known as the Warthog

A Grumman F11F fighter, painted in the colors of the Blue Angles flight demonstration team

The TB-58 Hustler.  The Hustler was the first supersonic strategic bomber, and this was the trainer version, to help pilots make the transition to flying this airplane

You can tell that this is the trainer version because of the extra windows behind the cockpit .  Normally there was only one side window

The landing gear was very tall to provide clearance for the large pod, which contained both fuel and the weapons load.