Great Falls

The Great Falls of the Passaic River in Patterson NJ is the second largest waterfall, by volume, in the Eastern United States.  Beginning in the 1830s, the area was developed as an industrial center, to take advantage of the abundant water power available.  The falls are unusual in that the water falls into a sort of canyon that runs at right angles to the direction of flow, so that the water makes a sharp right turn at the bottom of the falls.

A view of the falls from the other side of the river.  The bridge carries a water main across the gap, and there is a pedestrian bridge behind it.

A closer view, taken from the bridge

Looking across, upstream

The falls and the river flowing downstream

A statue of Alexander Hamilton, who was one of the leaders who established the City of Patterson as an industrial center

Patterson was home to the Rogers Locomotive Works.  The City Museum now makes its home in the former Rogers building, and this locomotive is on display outside.