Gilmore Car Museum

This was a happy accident.  Because I was able to visit the Air Zoo the previous evening, I had some free time on Tuesday morning.  I happened to notice a brochure for this museum in the lobby of my motel, and decided to make a quick stop and check it out.  Gilmore has a collection of over 200 vehicles, all beautifully restored, displayed in 7 buildings.  My planned hour or so visit turned into a bit over two hours, all I could afford, although I could have easily spent more than twice that time.  As it was, I rushed through the museum, taking pictures as fast as I could.  I did manage to see the entire collection, albeit in a total rush, and came away with over 250 pictures.

1903 Curved Dash Olds

1904 Autocar Runabout

1905 Franklin Gentleman's Roadster

1909 Brush

1909 Hudson Model 20

1909 Thomas Flyer

1910 Ford

1910 Hubmobile

1910 Lozier

1911 Buick

The steam engine in a Stanley Steamer

Stanley Steamer

1917 Hudson Shaw Special

1917 Mercer Runabout

1922 Handley Knight

1922 Handley Knight

note the trademark handles on the headlights

An early Ford

The Ford collection

A classic Auburn boat-tailed roadster

The namesake tail

Even the spare had class

1929 Duesenberg Model J Dual Cowl Phaeton

A Vintage Gas Station

London Bus

1930 Cadilac Convertible Coupe

1930 Pierce Arrow Cabriolet Coupe

1931 Hudson Model T Sports Roadster

1931 Hudson Model T Sports Roadster etched side glass

A Classic Packard

Another Packard

Pierce Arrow Cabriolet Coupe

Pierce Arrow Hood Ornament

Rolls Royce

1931 Pierce Arrow 7 Passenger Touring Car

1932 Lincoln

1933 Stutz

1934 Chrysler AirFlow

1934 Packard

1939 Delahaye 135 M Convertible Coupe

1948 Jaguar Mark IV

1948 Tucker

1955 T Bird

The Face That Nearly Sank Ford

1964 Mustang

1965 Buick Riviera GS 1

1968 Shelby Ford GT 500 Mustang

Gilmore Racing Team Indy Car

Indy Engine

1971 Ferrari Daytona

Western Michigan University Solar Powered Car