We had a very mild winter, with essentially no snow.  We did have some nice sunrises, though

Meanwhile, inside, my birds we getting used to their new home.

Pumpkin and Peachie

Peachie checking out the clock

Peachie and her new friends
(She knocked one off, it took me more than an hour with super glue to put it back together.)

Summer was hot and dry, extending the drought that began in the summer of 2001.  In July, I bought a bike, and rode regularly until the middle of August when I injured my leg.

Because of the drought, Fall was late in coming, and the color was not quite what it usually is.  I did get some nice pictures, despite that.

One Saturday in late October, several times I thought I heard a steam locomotive whistle on the NJ Transit tracks that go by about a half mile from here.  Finally, after hearing it 4 or 5 times, I went looking, and discovered that I had in fact heard a steam locomotive whistle.

This was an excursion train.  They ran 4 round trips that day, passing my home a total of 8 times. This is more typical of what we see on this line.  This engine is pulling a train that will end up in New York.